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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Reaching the end of the world

Hey folks,

How are you doing?

I'm doing well,  myself.

I've passed through many cities,  got to know many interesting people,  slept at gas stations,  survived wind storms, walked for many different routes, got ride with different drivers (trucks,  cars, vans,  pickups, motos and bikes also), taken ferry, slept at the immigration control (out side, bellow zero and snowing), lost the marriage of the year (friend's marriage - happiness is my wish for you both Fred and Ana),  I've managed to get what I've looking for.

After a month in Argentina hitchhiking and 3.040 km later I got Ushuaia (The last city in the world).

Now is time to enjoy the last city on the world for a bit and do all way back north (west side, this time).

Photos below from signs on the way, places I've been, routes I've walked, ferry I've taken and finally Ushuaia I've reached by foot and hitchhike.

With Ushuaia regards,

Ronei Rodrigues

P.s.: Once I'm uploading from my mobile,  the photos might be unorganised.