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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

It's time to start walking!

It’s time to keep move on. It’s time to conquer my own land. It’s time to show you all that down here in South America is safe to travel as Europe (or at least as everybody thinks it is), even though down here is as dangerous to travel as Europe is. Am I confusing you? Well, let’s clarify this then. THERE IS NO SAFE PLACE ON EARTH!

What Am I talking about? Once again, I’m talking about people. What make a dangerous place are the people. The people are the risk. The people are dangerous. But the people also are worthwhile. The people also are good! What I’m going to prove is: People react in accordance of your act. You make people dangerous. You make people unharmed. You make people either bad or good. YOU are responsible for people’s reaction! But you ARE NOT responsible for people’s action!

If you are the one who first acted, you are responsible for the whole thing then. But if you are the one who reacted, you might choose either if you are going follow the steps or if you are going to invert positions and control the situation. “Hold on a second. You’re making it worse. I’m more confused than the beginning. So, it doesn’t matter if I act or react. In both cases I can be the responsible?” Being the responsible it’s not the matter. What really matters is whether you’re able to make the things worse or better. Finding the responsible won’t make any difference, but controlling the situation.

Well, let’s put this pure philosophy aside now and go straight to adventure. I’ll try to show you all that you can travel being helped by people WHEREVER you go. It depends of you, only.

You are the MASTER! You have the POWER! But only if you have FAITH and BELIEVE in it!

Now it’s time to walk more and talk less. Until next post, whenever it comes!

P.S.: From now on, I won’t confuse you all with my vain philosophies, but describe what I’m passing through with real facts. Be prepared! It won’t have censure.

Ronei Rodrigues

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Stroller's blog

Hey Folks.

Ronei Rodrigues here, 24, ex accounting auditor of 2 Bigfour’s companies!

Involved into capitalism for a long time, I decide break it for while and experience the other side of life. Breaking what the society imposes as fully truth and living to be happy without any labels. I decided do not care about brands, about fashion, about being fit somewhere. I decided to live my life as money was no object (of course I do still need money to live, I became, for a while, an anticapitalist and not a damn fool). I decided to do what make me happy despite everything else. Is it easy? You're a foolish if you think so. Go against the "normal, natural and common" imposed by the society is quite complicated and complex. You must be strong and careful. You’re even going to hurt people you love the most. Is not everyone who has an open minded to understand what you are going to do!

I've been considered crazy, insane, foolish, damn idiot and so on, but I also have been considered courageous, fighter, human being, hippie and so on. Whom should I believe? I must believe myself. Each person has your own experience, believes, truths and conceptions of life even though many people are involved in a system what makes them all the same. They lose their identity, their originality, their truths and believes. I've lost it once and I've found it back.

I figured out that is more important the people we meet instead the places we go.

So, this "damn fool" human being here is going to travel through South America believing in people, giving them a trust vote once more (forever). I’m going to travel, mainly, with their help.

My aim is show to whom it may concern that people are reliable, does not matter where they are (Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania) and also that life is to be lived as you desire and not to follow somebody’s else conception.

In couple days I'm going to travel through South America walking and hitchhiking. I know that's a bit dangerous travelling like this. So, I've provided myself with a house (tent), a mattress (thermal foam bed roll), a blanket (sleeping bag), cutlery (pocket knife and pocket multitool), umbrella (waterproof and windproof jacket), clothes, some medicine, a notebook, a backpack to put everything inside, a car to move (my legs) and fuel (water and food). I’m going to do it with an open heart and an open mind and God leading my journey.


P.S.: Special thanks to my friends Fred Brasil and Ana Falcão who convinced me to create this blog. This blog is on, thanks them.

“Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.” - Allan Watts