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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

It's time to start walking!

It’s time to keep move on. It’s time to conquer my own land. It’s time to show you all that down here in South America is safe to travel as Europe (or at least as everybody thinks it is), even though down here is as dangerous to travel as Europe is. Am I confusing you? Well, let’s clarify this then. THERE IS NO SAFE PLACE ON EARTH!

What Am I talking about? Once again, I’m talking about people. What make a dangerous place are the people. The people are the risk. The people are dangerous. But the people also are worthwhile. The people also are good! What I’m going to prove is: People react in accordance of your act. You make people dangerous. You make people unharmed. You make people either bad or good. YOU are responsible for people’s reaction! But you ARE NOT responsible for people’s action!

If you are the one who first acted, you are responsible for the whole thing then. But if you are the one who reacted, you might choose either if you are going follow the steps or if you are going to invert positions and control the situation. “Hold on a second. You’re making it worse. I’m more confused than the beginning. So, it doesn’t matter if I act or react. In both cases I can be the responsible?” Being the responsible it’s not the matter. What really matters is whether you’re able to make the things worse or better. Finding the responsible won’t make any difference, but controlling the situation.

Well, let’s put this pure philosophy aside now and go straight to adventure. I’ll try to show you all that you can travel being helped by people WHEREVER you go. It depends of you, only.

You are the MASTER! You have the POWER! But only if you have FAITH and BELIEVE in it!

Now it’s time to walk more and talk less. Until next post, whenever it comes!

P.S.: From now on, I won’t confuse you all with my vain philosophies, but describe what I’m passing through with real facts. Be prepared! It won’t have censure.

Ronei Rodrigues


  1. Vc é um monstro mlk! Não é por acaso que nasceu no mesmo dia que eu hehehe. Muito sucesso nessa nova jornada. A América é sua!

  2. Replies
    1. It's just the beginning, Christophe.

  3. Boa sorte amigo!!!! Sei que vai ter muitas histórias para contar depois!
    Bjs Sara

    1. Compartilharei contigo depois Sarinha.

  4. Muito legal sua história! Coloque um ppouco mais de info de onde pretende passar para que çá, nos encontremos! Estou viajando com a minha bike e também tenho um blog

    1. Boa sugestão Pedro.
      Irei fazer isso nos próximos posts. Quem sabe a gente não se esbarre por aí.
      Vou passar a acompanhar o seu blog. Também tenho a ideia de viajar de bicicleta!