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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Curitiba - Paraná

Hey Folks,

I just got Curitiba (South Brazil).

I didn't expect get down here quite fast. I took 8 rides, walked for 5 hours under the strong sunshine (I got burnt) and 1.354 Km later I got Curitiba in 4 days.

I really got into this. Now I do know how to do hitchiking. You can't get a ride on the road. You must ask the trucker at the gas station for truckers.

I've met 8 truckers (all of them gave me a lift from somewhere to somewhere). They just tell you their history without shame or cerimony. They even tell you how much they earn. Seriously, it is common. They all tell you without you even ask. They just open their heart. I believe it's because they spend too much time alone without anyone to talk. So when they have a company, they just talk.

Many of them lose their wives because they spend too much time on the road. Some of then keep out for 3 months, some times even more. Some take drugs and use cocain to keep awake and take more freight and make more money. But all of them drive trucks because they do love to drive a truck and being on the road.

The oldest ones say it isn't worthy. You fucked up your health earn just couple of hundred reals in the end of the month. The youngest ones don't give a shit, they just want money, even though it is just a little bit more.
It's always that story: IF I HAD THIS HEAD I DO HAVE NOW FEW YEARS AGO, EVERYTHING WOULD BE DIFFERENT! (keep it in mind people, sometimes it is just too late).

The most curious story was when I was walking.
I was waking for 3 hours under strong sunshine when I saw a restaurante in the middle of nowhere. When I say nowhere, I mean NOWHERE! No houses, gas station, farms, or whatever for miles away. Then, I went there to buy a water. the attendant had no more than 18 years old. He oberved me to drink half litter of water in just one gulp. Then start to ask me a lot of questions. Where I was going to. Where I came from. For how long I was travelling ans so on. When he saw the flag from Iceland he asked me if I went to UK. Then asked me if I learnt the language. And then he started to talk with me in a brilliant English. Fluently. We talk for few minutes 'til some one ask for his help inside the restaurant. Then we say good luck to each other and I left the restaurant think: It's this what I'm talking about!

I was surprise because, even in tourists cities like Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro is difficult to find someone who talks fluently English, and this young guy, a country guy, living in the middle of nowhere was talking fluently English occasionaly. Well done to him! WELL DONE!

It happened too much more, but by now it's all you've get.

I'll be in Curitiba for a week, I'm afraid. and then I might go to Maringá, Foz do Iguaçu and later keep going down 'til I reach Florianopólis.

*** I do ask apologise for not attaching any photo, because I just took photos on my camera and the computer I'm publishing has no device to read my memory card. And I also had some problem with my network on my mobile, even though most of the time it has no network at all on the road. It has no coverage. By the way, from now on I'll use my mobile more frequently and also take photos with it to publish them.

With footsteps,

Ronei Rodrigues


  1. Aproveite... o sul do nosso país é muito bonito! Você sentirá uma energia incrível quando se deparar com as cataratas em Foz ;). Vá sempre com Deus meu amigo! :D

  2. Ainda levarei um tempo pra chegar em Foz, mas muito obrigado Bruna.