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Friday, 15 March 2013

Ilha do Mel

Hey folks,

Sorry for being such a long time off.
As I said I was going to hike, to camp and then going to the Honey Moon island (Ilha do Mel) near of Curitiba.

The train journey wasn't impressive. To me it was trice expensive and twice slower.  I couldn't hike, because on the mountains was foggy and also raining a bit. So the track was slippery.

I had to go to Morretes by train. Morretes is a small town with a nice historic downtown and a river crossing the city. The city has few waterfalls around. It's a nice place to go for a waterfall and a lunch and that's it.

From there I went to Antonina. Another small city with a nice historic downtown.  But Antonina is on the coast. What makes the city more enjoyable. The city has a deck along the bay where the people go for fishing or bathing. I really got wet there. A strong rain took me unprepared.

From Antonina I went to Paranaguá. Place where I was going to take a boat to go to the island. I lost the last boat, so I had to sleep in Paranaguá. I decided to sleep in an hostel.  Why? Because after I've walked all day long and I've taken rain, I thought I deserved a bath and sleep in a nice bed what didn't happen.  I took shock having bath and the mattress of my bed was horrible uncomfortable.
I bought a bottle of wine, a 5 litters water bottle, fruits, bread and chesse. I also bought waxed line to learn how  to do "artesanato" (bracelet) to bring to the island.
The boat takes around 2 hours from Paranaguá to Ilha do Mel.
The island has 1600 inhabitants and receive 5000 limited people per day in the summer time.
The island is an estate preserved park in a preserved ambiental island. The island has 3 main attractions. A light house, a fortress and a cave. This is the 3 tourist traps.
The good things from the island is that it's enchanted.  If you are a good person the island invites you to stay. If you are a bad person the island expels you. How? You eat something that doesn't make you feel good. You get sick. You get a flu or whatever.

It's the island. I went there to spend a night and I stayed for a week. And I just left because I put my tent down, otherwise I would be living there right now.

At the moment I'm having problems updating my photos.  So this post will be launched without photos. But as a recompense,  the following one will have photos and also nice and funny stories  I have passed through in Ilha do Mel.

With careless,

Ronei Rodrigues


  1. Eu nasci em Antonina!! =)

  2. Uau... que mundo pequeno. Pandinha.

  3. Uau... que mundo pequeno. Pandinha.