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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ilha do Mel - Part II

Hey folks,

I know I’ve been out for a long time, but it’s became very difficult to up load the blog. I haven’t had time to get into a C@fé or access a decent computer. I still have to tell you about places I’ve been, as Maringá, Foz do Iguaçu, Puerto Iguazu, Ciudad del Este, Asunción, Santo Ignacio, and now Florianópolis. Unfortunately, I can’t up load photos, because the computer I’m tapping has no available USB, at least. As I promised, I’ll tell you more about Ilha do Mel.

When I got there I met an American couple that was kind of lost. They were going to get off on the wrong part of the island they would like to. Then we started to talk and I helped then to get a place to stay. I went straight way to “Canto da Vô”. It’s a part of the island where I was told to go by few friends from Curitiba. There I stayed at Angêla’s camping area. The best thing I’ve ever done. I supposed to stay there for 2 days and 1 night, and I stayed for a week.

There I met Paulão. A man who LIVES in a tent for 19 years. I had loads of fun with him. I also met a guy from my home town. This guy (Gabriel) helped me to surf. I met Ivan, the guy who borrowed me the surfing board. I met another guy who was guide at the fortress in the island.

There I spent more time with Paulão than with anybody else. We drank cachaça, we smoked cigarettes and we have load fun. He recommend me to try “Meleca” (the translation for this would be GOO I think. It’s a spirit (very good) made by a guy who lives in the island and he loves Raul Seixas (a famous Brazilian musician). He built a house, which is called “Toca do Raul” (photo bellow). Instead I try it, I bought a bottle and brought back to drink with Paulão.

If the 2 first days I spent with Paulão were recorded, it would be a movie funnier than Hangover. I swear it was fun and incredible crazy. I also learnt pretty much with Paulão. He’s wisdom of an experienced man without a corrupt mind. He is the oldest child I have ever met in my whole life until now.

I had good time in the island.  I got good weather (with billion of stars and stunning sunsets and also shit weather (with thunders, storm and strong rain), but just good time (photo bellow).

The people I met were the worthiest thing. I also met a Austrian guy who lived in the island for 3 years 30 years and we was back there to visit the island and the people. Crazy story. He arrived in north Brazil and built a boat.  Then he sailed all way south until he got Ilha do Mel and lived there for 3 years instead spend there 2 weeks.

Enchanted island.

Well, I left wishing to stay.

Oh yes, when in the Island I learnt how to do “artesanato” (handcrafted bracelets). I’ll up load a photo later from my “artesanatos”.

Then I went back to Curitiba where I got rested and come back hitchhiking and walking heading to Foz do Iguaçu. (The following post)

That’s it for now.  (sorry for my delaying and lack of photos. I’ll be more present now.)

With goo smells,

Ronei Rodrigues.

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