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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Hey Folks,

How are you doing?

I must ask apologise myself for being such off line.
I do not have a laptop or computer access often and quite bad internet access (when I have)

Right now, Iºm in Buenos Aires - Argentina.
Iºve passed by all Uruguay coast and now Iºm heading to Patagonia in 2 days or so.

Iºve been in great places. Iºve met enjoyable and wonderful people on the way. Iºve done crazy things as get into lionºs cage to have photo, partying until 7pm in small cities, seeing sunsets and full moon on the beach, meeting people Iºve met on the road again and again on the road.

In Uruguay and Argentina I drank much wine and ate everything with "Dulce de Leche".
Iºm still writting my diary book, even though it is outdated for almost 10 days. But Iºm developing my memory to remember everything.

Fuck.. My time on computer itºs over.
15 min, no more!

I have thousands photos on my camera, but nothing on computer to publish here. Sorry about that. (These shit computers have no device to read my memory card).

Even though it lasts forever, Iºll publish all my trip here with details and photos.

With lions roar,

Ronei Rodrigues

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