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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

About Curitiba

Hey folks,

As everybody knows I'm in Curitiba.

This is a nice place to come to whom like parks, groves and forests.

Curitiba is very organised with good public transport, even though they are not able to give you the right information. Here they have a really nice fair. A fair just on sundays. But you can find everything to buy in this fair. From food to house's stuff. If you're going to spend a sunday in Curitiba you must go to this fair which calls "Feira do Largo da Ordem".

If you like to run, you must go to the park Barigui. If you just want to chill out you should go to "Jardim botânico" or "Parque Tanguá". If you want to do a slow walk and have a nice chat with someone else go to "Bosque Alemão".

It's also nice to walk at "Rua XV" for shopping.

The people here use to say that the locals are closed people. But I've met really nice ones, so to me they are friendly.

I made a friend who invited me to sleep at his place. so then I would be able to spend more time in Curitiba. I'm publishing from his house. Really nice man. He gave me his keys and total freedom at his place. I do thank him for his kindness and trust. His name, Jaime!

So now, I have a properly place to sleep, get rest and organise my things quietly I decided to take the day to rest, write down and organise my next destination. I met few people who told me about an island that calls honey moon (Ilha do Mel) that is the opposite direction to "Foz do Iguaçu". And to get this island I have few options. I can go straight way by bus and then a boat. I can take a train and pass through the forest with nice landscape and then the boat. I can take a train to half way and then do a hike, camp, hike again through the forest, get a historic city, then hike again until get the coast and then the boat. Well, as I'm very practical and I don't love adventures I'm thinking to go there by the last option. Train, hiking, camping, hiking, historic city, hiking and boat.

So I kind of delayed the trip to Iguacu Falls (Foz do Iguaçu).

Follow attached some photos from when I left home until I get here.

Enjoy it!

Trucker André from Rio de Janeiro who gave me a ride from somewhere to Cristalina
 The better place to set my tent to protect from the rain at Gas Station in Cristalina
 A queue of 30km. A strike! Getting in Uberlândia
 Playing with the camera on the truck
 The river Tietê in São Paulo
 On the road from São Paulo to Curitiba. They have a plantation of bananas for more than 150km along the road
 Love more. Kiss much more. Cry with desire. Give away generously. Do mistakes. Do what fright you the most. Scream! Harmonize more. Care less. (Translation by myself)
 Oscar niemeyer Museum
A dodger car, I think
 This thing of want to be exactly what we are, are going to take us further. Just regret once. (Translation by myself)
 This life is a journey, it's a pity I be here just as a passanger. I do not discuss with the destiny. What appears to do, I'm in. (Translation by myself)
 It's a fair in Curitiba. Historic downtown. (Feira do Largo do Machado)
 The fair seeing from up side
 The mosque Iman Ali
 Inside the mosque. Mecca in South Arabia. The holy place where all islamism people pray in that direction
 Cathedral Basílica Menor de Nossa Senhora da Luz de Curitiba
 For those ones who keep insisting to drink, be careful. You might sleep on this position sooner or later
 Botanic Garden (Jardim Botânico)
 Tanguá Park (Parque Tanguá)
 Tanguá Park seeing from down side
 Wire Opera House (Opera de Arame)
 Tanguá Park Seeing from Up side
Entrance from German Grove. (Bosque Alemão)
 Sight from Curitiba on the top of the German Grove
 Going up on the German Grove
 Telepar tower. (Torre Telepar - oi)
 Barigui Park (Parque Barigui)
 Ukrainian Memorial at Tingui Park (Parque Tingui)
Parana University

See you whenever I have the chance to publish again.

With footsteps and joy,

Ronei Rodrigues


  1. Muito maneiro. Mlk muita das vezes vc me inspira! Grande abraço!

  2. Aah quero muito estudar nessa universidade :) kk'..

  3. O seu blog está entre os meus favoritos, vc é um grande amigo, se cuide! Fica com Deus!