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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Leaving Home

The real reason was definite. Besides writing a book when travelling, to prove to my family, friends and everybody else who doesn’t believe in goodness that it doesn’t matter where you go there’s always someone to help you up even though you don’t have a good looking.

I must say I didn't have a good looking, but I didn't care at all.
 When I said this to my Mom, she said in low voice if she could come with me. I said to her to get herself a backpack and be ready. Then she said out loud to my father that I said that she could come with me. He simply replied: Go, then. Jokes apart, I got my things ready to leave on February 27th at 6.30am.
I woke up at 6am, took my shower, had my breakfast with my parents and took my backpack to start my journey. My father said good bye into the house and went back to his bedroom. My Mom insisted to give me the first lift until the road. Of course I accepted.

Ok.. I did care a little bit about it, so I had my hair cut before I leave

Into the car, she gave me 300 quid to start the travel. Then I went out, so did my Mom. I put my backpack on my back and my Mom came to give me a hug. A tight and longstanding one. That hug your Mom give you when you are going away for a while. Then she said that my father didn’t come because he was worried and he got emotional. She also said that she would like to do this kind of things, but she didn’t have the opportunity. She concluded I was very brave and wished me good luck and asked me to be careful before give me her blessing. We said good bye to each other and I started walking.
I was walking for 150 metres when I had the feeling that someone was watching me. Have you had this feeling before? Well, I stopped and looked back. Then I saw my mom taking the last picture and putting her camera down before I disappear.  It was a sad moment, but at that time there was nothing I could do. I turned back forwards and started walking again.

At this moment, my adventure started and I was by myself
To be continued...

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