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Friday, 6 September 2013

Reaching Curitiba – PN

I woke up quite early, but it didn’t help much. Half of the trucks had already gone and the ones which remained didn’t give me a lift. It was missing just one truck I hadn’t approached the truck driver. He apparently was sleeping. For instance, I remained at the gas station asking for a lift to every truck was stopping by.

Around 8am, the truck I hadn’t approached gave life signal. The truck driver left the truck and went to have his breakfast. When he went back to the truck I followed him and asked him a ride. He said yes and also that he was going straight to Curitiba. (yes, I got the last ride to reach the first city and then keep planning my trip). But his loading had moved. He was carrying huge paper rolls to make diapers. He had to sort it out to not rip off the canvas and let the loading dropping on the way on the curves. I offered him to help. I spent around 1 hour working hard and getting dirty, to finally start up the truck and hit the road.

This truck driver was very different from the other ones. He was funny and he knew all the brothels and whorehouses on the way from São Paulo to Curitiba. And guess what? He had friends in almost all of them. We stopped in many of those brothels (that looked like restaurants and motels) to drink a coffee (but it was always a coke) and ask for some “friend” that was sleeping (it was Saturday during the day. His “friends” had a long Friday night).

This truck driver was more extroverted and playful. I had lot of fun with him. On the way from São Paulo to Curitiba had bananas plantation all the way aside the road. Loads!

Bananas shop (also a brothel)

Bananas shop (also a brothel)

And more bananas shop (And brothels)



And more bananas

Bananas plantation


By evening time, he dropped me off at the metro station outside the city to reach the city centre. I thanked him for the lift and took the first bus to city centre.

On my way inside the bus, I researched for hostels in Curitiba and I found 2. When I saw the map location, the bus I was, was passing just 2 blocks away. I gave the sign and got off the next stop. I went straight to hostel. Getting there, had no beds available. The following was going to happen exams to work for the government. Consequently, the city was full of people trying to get a “precious” job.

I told to the attendant about my trip. I told him I was tired. I was travelling for 4 days by hitch-hike to get the city. I explained him how I was travelling and I had a blog that I was publishing about. Then he got me a bed.
I just left my backpack on my bed, I took a shower, went to the market to buy wine and some food to cook something nice. After 8 rides, walked for 5 hours under the strong sunshine (I got burnt) and 1354km later I reached Curitiba and I deserved some nice food and some wine.

I cooked, I ate, I chilled out until I go to bed – a properly one after 4 days.

To be continued...

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